Finding New Ways To Make Money Online By Learning And Adjusting Old Techniques

Believe it or not but making money online sometimes means spending time away from the computer. How so? Allow me to explain! Recently I have been stressing myself out about the idea of innovation. We all want to be the next man or woman who discovers the next easy way of making money. Sure, using tried-and-tested methods always works but they’re never as play-wow-fun as inventing your own money making process via the internet.

Now back to spending time away from the computer–I learned this technique from my friend who owns his own computer repair company. Most of his time is spent on the go servicing people who need their computers and laptops fixed in Victoria BC but we both still consider his business to be an online business because all of his leads come from the internet. By evaluating this technique my friend is using, we can start to adjust it to innovate new ways of making money online. For example if so many people in Victoria BC are making good use out of a mobile computer repair business I wonder how many of them would get use out of a computer repair service that, rather than sending someone to your door to fix a computer, uses videos and information to teach you how to fix your own computer. In fact, this is already what my friend and I are doing. We’re building a global website that will reach into almost every country and every language and it will be fully optimized for people searching for laptop screen replacements, data recovery and operating system installation because these are just some of the things a step by step video can teach people how to fix themselves. We offer all of our videos and data for free but then you might ask how do we make money? Already, within just a few weeks of being live in India, we have helped over two hundred people fix their own computers and seven of those people clicked on a banner ad which then charged our advertisers $10 a pop. That may only be $70 for all the many hours we have put in but once our site goes live in other countries that $10 a pop will rapidly rise into thousands of dollars a day! All of this was done from learning and adjusting a technique which was already being used. I will not be posting a link to my self-help computer repair company because the platform is genius and we’re not ready to have people stealing it to compete with us yet. But one day our platform will be well known and, by adjustment, will help someone else down the road invent their own way of making money online. And it doesn’t have to be related to computer repair. You can take a technique used by computer technicians and apply it to anything like woodworking or the music industry. Just train your eyes to stay open. Know that the best way to innovate is to adjust processes that already exist. Imagine if every year you could invent a new way to make money. You would be the next Bill Gates who will never have to worry about getting a broken computer fixed because you could just by a million of the best gaming PCs! I hope you take away with you a new sense of power from reading this. There are thousands of ways to make money that haven’t been discovered yet and if you have a friend like me who fixes laptops on the go for a living you can work together to think of something genius! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a play-wow-fun day!  


The Emotions Potential Investors Feel When They Think Of Bitcoins: By Special Guest Mel Feinstein

This article is written in mind for people who are already investing in bitcoins, to allow them to understand why the rest of us are feeling so … reluctant. First of all a bitcoin stock, at this moment in late December 2017, is extremely expensive and that alone will stop a huge percentage of investors, especially generation Y investors who still have some catching up to do, from jumping in the ‘happy wagon.’ For long-time investors and money-enjoyers to try to understand what middle class people feel when they think of dumping all their savings in one or two stocks is unlikely, hence this post. For you to understand you must imagine that all of your riches can fit in both of your hands–everything you own can be carried with you on a whim. Now, someone is asking you to drop one of those handfuls into a bucket labelled ‘too good to be true.’ Would you do it? Perhaps with your current experience already dwelling in your mind you would do it right away. But for everyone else, dropping half of everything they own into the ‘too good to be true’ bucket is a horrific and daunting thing to do. If the stock was not so expensive I guarantee you that there would be way more middle class investors jumping on the train.

But is the bitcoin really too good to be true? It all depends on who you ask: a current investor versus a potential investor. Of course everyone who’s already doubled or tripled their money will say, “NO! Nothing’s too good to be true!” But the little man who wished he could will, of course, say, “YES! You will all regret not pulling out your money now!”

To scientifically answer the bolded question accurately we would have to, simply, wait and find out. After all, the stock could crash tomorrow or it could rise even more. By the time you come across this article the bitcoin stock could very well be a thing of the past. My own personal reason for staying away from such a scary investment is this: I HATE GAMBLING! I used to be active in the stock market until I remembered how great it was to sleep in an not have to worry about my stocks every five minutes. I like sounder investments where I don’t have to check on the status every waking day, like the QSR stock for instance. Better yet, investing in silver ingots is, for me anyways, completely stress-free because I know that no matter what there will always be value in physical silver, whether its to buy a loaf of bread or for nutritional value. An invisible coin that lives in your e-wallet, however, is very far from stress-free because in the case of WW3 no one is going to trade a loaf of bread for an invisible coin. These are the things people feel and think about–worry and fear–when they consider jumping on the ‘doom wagon,’ especially old-school people who still use phone books and walk to the bank in person because to wrap their head around the idea of a digital currency is so absurd most of them wouldn’t even try. I hope now you understand that your non-investor friends are not crazy or stupid, they’re just careful. At the end of the day, many of us would rather have a stress-free life than a rich one.



The Best Short Term ROI (Again, In Most Cases).

Paid Advertising

This is what I use to generate leads for my clients day 1. And it’s also what makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd, in the marketing world. Mindful Marketing – My first online marketing business which I am no longer a part of, blew up once I started utilizing paid advertising. See most business owners that have been in business for a while, and have any kind of online presence will get e-mails from marketers every single day, and their e-mails are all the same: “I can get you ranked in google”. “Pay me x amount and in 3 months you will be blowing up with business”, yadda yadda yadda. It’s always the same thing. However if you really want to be successful in the marketing world you must stand out. You need to offer something that others don’t, and you need to be able to provide some kind of value for your prospect right away.

The funny thing with Google Adwords is that most people absolutely despise it. They believe it’s a waste of money (which it can be), and that you will get very minimal results from it if you’re lucky. In most cases this is the truth, as people don’t know how to use it properly. If you don’t optimize your campaign correctly yes, you can potentially waste millions of dollars on Adwords over the years.

But the truth of the matter is: Those that DO know how to use Adwords correctly end up making all the money and seeing a great ROI, while their competitors flush ad dollars down the toilet. The higher quality ad gets to use the Adwords platform at the cheapest price, AND gets to show up higher than those with a lower quality ad.

Why? Well, this applies for anything to do with google- they want to give their users the best experience possible. So if you’re putting out relevant content, in this case an ad that is going to get more clicks by the user, google is going to make just as much money charg

ing you $2.00 per click, as they would by charging a low quality ad $8.00 per click. Hopefully that makes sense, if you need more clarification feel free to contact me.

Facebook Advertising

This is the other advertising platform that if optimized correctly, you can see insanely good results. But just like Google Adwords, you need to know how to use it properly. Facebook Ads are much cheaper than Adwords, however less direct of an audience, so you need to be smart about who sees your ad.

This is all about your targeting and ad copy. Running multiple ads to see which performs better, and fine tuning it until you get your best results. There are now 2 billion people on Facebook and while they’re currently charging less than $2.00 to get in front of 1,000 people, you better be taking advantage of that, if you’re looking to grow your business.

Facebook Ads work much better in some niches than others. For instance- if I need a Plumber I’m likely not going to discover a Plumbers Facebook Ad, and then call him. I’m more likely to search for one on google. But for example a Restaurant- something less urgent, that would be more of an impulse buy will have a lot more success.

The biggest mistake people make with Facebook Ads is targeting a wide range of people. You would think the more that see your ad the better, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like most things you want quality over quantity. If you’re selling SEO, you only want Small Business Owners to see your ad, you don’t want everyone to see it in hopes that they’ll tell their friends. Again hopefully that makes sense, and you can contact me if you need more clarification.

If you’re looking at getting into online marketing please reach out. I have a ton of secrets I’m willing to give away for free, to save you lots of time and money that you will throw away during the trial and error period, if you don’t get some help. Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to my next post!

The Best Long-Term ROI (In Most Cases)

So if you watched that video in my first post, then maybe you’ve come up with some ideas on where you want to start with your online adventure. I’ll tell you there are countless ways of making passive income in 2017 through the internet, and some of those mentioned in the video are great places to get started when you have little-to no entrepreneurial experience.


There’s one market that most people don’t encourage you to start out with when starting a venture to make money online, and that’s Search Engine Optimization– which is the process of optimizing a website to show up high in the search engines for targeted keywords/key-phrases. A couple reasons SEO is discouraged are:

  • It takes time to see any results
  • It’s a lot of work
  • If you have no portfolio or sales experience, good luck trying to get business owners to give you their money

And these are all valid points, but if you’re ever going to make any money online you have to think outside the box, and there are many ways to get around these obstacles. I’m going to talk all about it in this post.

Low-Hanging Fruit

The term “low-hanging fruit” in the SEO world means that your selected keyword/key-phrase has low competition, and will be easy to rank a website to the first page in that market. Example: ‘Leak detection New York City’ is a commonly searched key-phrase, but not many websites are optimized for it, so you should be able to rank your website easier for that term. Where’s a key-phrase like ‘Plumber New York City’ is much more competitive- internet marketers are all over that key-phrase; not an example of low-hanging fruit.

I believe the key in the local SEO world today is to go after the low-hanging fruit. Unfortunately the competitive keywords/key-phrases are often the most profitable, however that isn’t to say you won’t find gold mines here and there that nobody’s thinking about. The reason I don’t advise going after the competitive niches as a newbie is not because I don’t think you can do it, it’s because it can take years to rank a website these days, and you don’t have to spend years trying to make money anymore.

So going after low-hanging fruit eliminates 2 of the 3 reasons people discourage SEO in 2017- Your results will come a lot quicker, and your work load will be smaller. And I’m not saying you won’t have to work hard cause you most certainly will, just not as hard.

So How Do I Get Business Owners To Pay Me When I Don’t Know How To Sell & Have No Leverage?


Well, you could spend countless hours cold calling every business in town, eventually one of them will bite. But honestly in my experience you more than likely will end up with a business owner that doesn’t trust you, therefore will not pay you well and you will end up working for less than you deserve. However, you know what every thriving SEO business works off of?


And they don’t really have to sell anything to anyone.  Do a really good job for one business and they’re going to love you, and tell ALL their friends about what you’ve done for them. And more often than not business owners are friends with other business owners. If they don’t tell their friends, ask for a referral. There’s nothing wrong with that once you’ve done something to help them, and produced results you’ve promised.

But you’re probably wondering: How do I get my first client? Do the work for free. Yep, I said it, do it for free. Any business owner will take you up on that. No need to sell anything, and no need for a portfolio. This is something most people won’t do, and it’s also the reason most people won’t be successful with SEO- everyone wants success, but they won’t put in the upfront work needed to become successful.

You can build an SEO business fast, there’s no question. But when I say fast I don’t mean overnight, I mean you can do it faster than you can build most businesses, and most take at least 5 years to turn any kind of profit. You won’t get anywhere being impatient. Unfortunately when I say you can build an SEO business fast, it attracts those impatient people that are looking for shortcuts. I’ll tell you now there are no shortcuts to making real, long-term money online.

So hopefully this has given anyone looking into making money online an idea of what to expect with Search Engine Optimization, if you would like to learn more feel free to contact me, and I will direct you to more in-depth training on picking a niche, and getting the work done. That’s all for now folks, hope you have a good day!


Hello! And welcome to my blog. If you read my about me page you know what this is all about. Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for World Of Warcraft things, as I mentioned you can contact my brother and he’ll hook you up with some value.

This blog is going to teach you how to make money online. I will go over a variety of different things that I have had success with in the past, and throughout my brief tutorials I will direct you to where you can get more in-depth training on different business models that actually work. There are a lot of scams out there on the internet and luckily, you found someone whose been through enough online to direct you to the right places.

The truth is as the internet grows, more opportunities arise. And you can utilize the most successful websites such as: Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. to make a good profit, or you can create your own website(s) and make good profit too. It’s all about finding what works for you, doubling down on it and working your a%$ off. There are no shortcuts in this industry even though so many people try to convince you otherwise, and I’m going to prove that to you in this blog.

I will not continue writing on here forever, as I have a lot on my plate and have to continue building my business, but I thought it would be nice for anyone looking to make money online- to have a place where they can learn a bit about their options, and make a decision from there.

So you’ll hear from me soon. I’m going to start with a post about Search Engine Optimization, which is my personal favorite of the bunch. Until then here’s a video that helped me get started in the online world, I recommend listening to some of this man’s content as well, as he has a good grasp on the whole making money online thing: