Finding New Ways To Make Money Online By Learning And Adjusting Old Techniques

Believe it or not but making money online sometimes means spending time away from the computer. How so? Allow me to explain! Recently I have been stressing myself out about the idea of innovation. We all want to be the next man or woman who discovers the next easy way of making money. Sure, using tried-and-tested methods always works but they’re never as play-wow-fun as inventing your own money making process via the internet.

Now back to spending time away from the computer–I learned this technique from my friend who owns his own computer repair company. Most of his time is spent on the go servicing people who need their computers and laptops fixed in Victoria BC but we both still consider his business to be an online business because all of his leads come from the internet. By evaluating this technique my friend is using, we can start to adjust it to innovate new ways of making money online. For example if so many people in Victoria BC are making good use out of a mobile computer repair business I wonder how many of them would get use out of a computer repair service that, rather than sending someone to your door to fix a computer, uses videos and information to teach you how to fix your own computer. In fact, this is already what my friend and I are doing. We’re building a global website that will reach into almost every country and every language and it will be fully optimized for people searching for laptop screen replacements, data recovery and operating system installation because these are just some of the things a step by step video can teach people how to fix themselves. We offer all of our videos and data for free but then you might ask how do we make money? Already, within just a few weeks of being live in India, we have helped over two hundred people fix their own computers and seven of those people clicked on a banner ad which then charged our advertisers $10 a pop. That may only be $70 for all the many hours we have put in but once our site goes live in other countries that $10 a pop will rapidly rise into thousands of dollars a day! All of this was done from learning and adjusting a technique which was already being used. I will not be posting a link to my self-help computer repair company because the platform is genius and we’re not ready to have people stealing it to compete with us yet. But one day our platform will be well known and, by adjustment, will help someone else down the road invent their own way of making money online. And it doesn’t have to be related to computer repair. You can take a technique used by computer technicians and apply it to anything like woodworking or the music industry. Just train your eyes to stay open. Know that the best way to innovate is to adjust processes that already exist. Imagine if every year you could invent a new way to make money. You would be the next Bill Gates who will never have to worry about getting a broken computer fixed because you could just by a million of the best gaming PCs! I hope you take away with you a new sense of power from reading this. There are thousands of ways to make money that haven’t been discovered yet and if you have a friend like me who fixes laptops on the go for a living you can work together to think of something genius! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a play-wow-fun day!  


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