The Emotions Potential Investors Feel When They Think Of Bitcoins: By Special Guest Mel Feinstein

This article is written in mind for people who are already investing in bitcoins, to allow them to understand why the rest of us are feeling so … reluctant. First of all a bitcoin stock, at this moment in late December 2017, is extremely expensive and that alone will stop a huge percentage of investors, especially generation Y investors who still have some catching up to do, from jumping in the ‘happy wagon.’ For long-time investors and money-enjoyers to try to understand what middle class people feel when they think of dumping all their savings in one or two stocks is unlikely, hence this post. For you to understand you must imagine that all of your riches can fit in both of your hands–everything you own can be carried with you on a whim. Now, someone is asking you to drop one of those handfuls into a bucket labelled ‘too good to be true.’ Would you do it? Perhaps with your current experience already dwelling in your mind you would do it right away. But for everyone else, dropping half of everything they own into the ‘too good to be true’ bucket is a horrific and daunting thing to do. If the stock was not so expensive I guarantee you that there would be way more middle class investors jumping on the train.

But is the bitcoin really too good to be true? It all depends on who you ask: a current investor versus a potential investor. Of course everyone who’s already doubled or tripled their money will say, “NO! Nothing’s too good to be true!” But the little man who wished he could will, of course, say, “YES! You will all regret not pulling out your money now!”

To scientifically answer the bolded question accurately we would have to, simply, wait and find out. After all, the stock could crash tomorrow or it could rise even more. By the time you come across this article the bitcoin stock could very well be a thing of the past. My own personal reason for staying away from such a scary investment is this: I HATE GAMBLING! I used to be active in the stock market until I remembered how great it was to sleep in an not have to worry about my stocks every five minutes. I like sounder investments where I don’t have to check on the status every waking day, like the QSR stock for instance. Better yet, investing in silver ingots is, for me anyways, completely stress-free because I know that no matter what there will always be value in physical silver, whether its to buy a loaf of bread or for nutritional value. An invisible coin that lives in your e-wallet, however, is very far from stress-free because in the case of WW3 no one is going to trade a loaf of bread for an invisible coin. These are the things people feel and think about–worry and fear–when they consider jumping on the ‘doom wagon,’ especially old-school people who still use phone books and walk to the bank in person because to wrap their head around the idea of a digital currency is so absurd most of them wouldn’t even try. I hope now you understand that your non-investor friends are not crazy or stupid, they’re just careful. At the end of the day, many of us would rather have a stress-free life than a rich one.



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